Mostly writing tonight. Which is good, because, you know, it's a book.

Rallied myself through a mostly full-draft in mostly complete thoughts and sentences for the first chapter. Stats from Marked:


A few choices tonight:

  • using TextMate as writing environment — Markdown highlighting and collapsing/expanding MD headers is working well
  • got panicky about versioning with such an extensive document and finally put my GitHub account to use. Now syncing chapter drafts in a simple private repository. I barely know how to use it but their Mac App made it easy enough
  • gave the project a codename (Usagi) so I can have consistent labeling across my mindmaps, research docs, and drafts without having to reassess the title every five minutes

Here are a few of the more interesting entries logged to Day One from tonight's work session:

X Experimented with automated ways to go from branch of mind map to markdown headlines but felt like yak shaving so did manually. Dropped all of chapter one outline into TextMate doc. I think thing to do is rough-in content for chapter to see if concept for structure holds.

X Taking revised outline and making decisions on what’s supporting material and what’s a section or chapter header. Collapsing nodes on MindNode for supporting material and adding a basic point numbering system to ID sections.

Refining a bit for parity but trying not to overthink at this point as I know it will change significantly.

X Went to remove a heading/section from my Chapter 1 draft and immediately panicked. Dealing with a document of this length makes some of my old tricks not work as well, like keeping a scratchpad of kinda/maybe content. Manually versioning seems tedious so diving into GitHub hoping I can get up and running quickly

X Committed and synced rough draft of chapter one draft. Made some changes to outline mostly instinctively as I strung sentences together. Became apparent in a few spots where my ideas were out of order.

Turning out longer than I expected. I imagine it will either turn out that I can cut this chapter significantly, or, if the rest of the book doesn’t feel as meaty, this is actually subject matter worthy of more in-depth analysis and breaking out into a couple of smaller chapters of an overall longer length.

AuthorScott Kubie