Squarespace announced a new "just for fun" feature today called Squarespace Badges.

If you run your own Squarespace site, is this something you need to pay attention to? Short answer: no.

Badges are a way to turn on a floating logo that, when in focus, tells the reader that your site is "Powered by Squarespace". There are a few configuration options, such as where to display the logo, and whether it should always be visible or only show up when someone has scrolled to the bottom of a page. The only function of the badge is to announce that your site runs on Squarespace, and to link to Squarespace.com.

Configuration settings for the Squarespace badge Overlay.

Though interested when I first heard the announcement, I couldn't arrive at any combinations that didn't feel awkward and overly loud.

Implementing the badges in settings as a floating "Overlays" element feels like an odd choice. The obvious alternative that comes to mind would be to have a Squarespace Badge content block, just like a Text or Image block. This would allow you to find the perfect page, place, and size for adding a badge.

A neat idea poorly implemented. I hope to see more experimentation in this direction and would definitely love to see some sort of straightforward affiliate program return. Earning credit toward my bill could definitely swing my opinion about displaying the badge.

I am very intrigued, however, by the addition of an entire "Overlays" category within the settings interface. That seems like a big step for something as frivilous as these badges, and I would not be surprised if this is simply a proof-of-concept and larger test of some possible future overlays that may be of more interest and value to the average user.

AuthorScott Kubie