The You Are Not So Smart podcast by David McRaney is in my regular rotation. It's a thoughtfully produced show about forms of self-delusion and other interesting psychological phenomena. Many of the concepts covered are things I've encountered in the wild while working on design projects or reading design articles but never learned about directly.

His recent episode on the Halo Effect would be a great place for a new listener to jump in. It's a good bit longer than usual episodes as he includes several additional excerpts from his books on related subjects. UX designers in particular might enjoy the discussion of how heuristics can fail us and create errors in thinking:

That’s what a heuristic is, a simple rule that in the currency of mental processes trades accuracy for speed. A heuristic can lead to a bias, and your biases, though often correct and harmless, can be dangerous when in error, resulting in a wide variety of bad outcomes from foggy morning car crashes to unconscious prejudices in job interviews.

I have not yet read his books, You Are Not So Smart and You Are Now Less Dumb, but they are on my wishlist.

AuthorScott Kubie