Being User-Centered

Available as: keynote presentation, breakout presentation, interactive workshop.


Customer journey maps. Ecosystem maps. Storymapping. User stories. Personas. There are so many great tools available to user-focused content strategists that it can be hard to know which to use when! And some of them never seem to fit quite right when you try to apply them in your own organization. Why not create your own?

In this session, we’ll bust apart popular tools for describing users and understanding their journeys into their common patterns and components. You’ll begin to see the method behind the magic and leave equipped to choose, adapt, remix, and/or invent just the right tool for focusing your content on the people who really matter—your users!

“Scott’s a great speaker, engaging, fun. Well organized presentation broken down into digestible, usable chunks.”

– Confab 2018 Workshop Attendee

“Loved this workshop. It’s not easy to lead a 9:00 a.m. session. The energy and information were spot on.”

– Confab 2018 workshop attendee

Presentation details

I’ve delivered 40-minute presentation and half-day interactive workshop versions of User-Centered Content.

Ideal audiences:

  • Marketing writers
  • Content producers and content managers
  • Content strategists and content marketers
  • Teams that manage websites/channels with lots of content needs

This is an intermediate-level presentation that provides a solid-grounding in user-centered design concepts for content people without a significant background in UX design. (Your writers and marketers and researchers and junior designers will love it; your senior-level UX designers might be a little bored.)

I use a hand-illustrated deck of colorful and memorable slides to keep the audience engaged. I’ve included a few examples on this page. 

Questions are welcome throughout the presentation, and there’s usually a healthy interest in Q&A.