A small breath

From a 2014 journal entry: One thing that worked well today, at work especially, was taking a simple breath before every decision. Every one. Even deleting an email. “Pause. Breath. Think. What’s happening here? What’s important? Let’s let it happen slowly.” This is a habit that’s stuck with me. I don’t do it all the … Read more

Falling asleep to comic books

I’m not good at going to bed. It got really bad a couple of months back. I’d sit on my couch scrolling social media on my phone or watching dumb stuff on Hulu right on through 11pm, midnight, 1am. It’s not like I have to get my nonexistent kids off to school at dawn or … Read more

A truthful calendar

I used to do freelance videography for legal depositions. I’d set up a camera and microphones to record lawyers interviewing someone for a court case. One time, an old businessman was being deposed. The smug young lawyer hammered him with questions. Stuff about the history of the business and a partnership arrangement going back to … Read more

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