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Web Conference Presents (Penn State)

Begins at: 12:30 CDT / 1:30 EST

Build Your Digital Writing Toolbox

Download the slides as a PDF

Presentation Summary

Creating content collaboratively with stakeholders, editors, designers, and other writers adds complexities to the creative process that your CMS and word processor just weren't built to address. Luckily, there's a whole world of apps, tools, process hacks and best practices out there to ease these pains and let us focus on what we're good at: writing. This presentation breaks down that unwieldy concept, writing, into a helpful four-part framework: thinking, composing, editing, and finishing. Understanding how to apply this framework to your projects will make it easier for you to choose the right tool for the job and better integrate others into your process.

Event Details

The team behind Web Conference at Penn State have begun organizing a companion series called Web Conference Presents. I'll be sharing the writing toolbox presentation over a one hour session from my home office in Des Moines, to be broadcast via Google Hangouts On Air and later posted to their YouTube page.

Penn Staters can view the broadcast together at 412 Boucke Building, and, when live, anyone can tune in here to watch the stream:

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