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HousingIowa Conference (2014)

  • Des Moines Marriott Downtown Des Moines, IA USA (map)

I'll be sharing some of my favorite tools for do-it-yourself and low-to-no-budget communication strategies at the 2014 HousingIowa Conference presented by the Iowa Finance Authority.

This is the overview I provided for their program:

It’s easy to tell when we're using the wrong tool in the real world — it takes too long, the parts aren’t compatible, the work is sloppy. Sure, you can pound nails with a wrench and turn screws with a pair of pliers, but neither is quite the right tool for the job. But in the world of digital communication and online marketing, knowing the right tools (and when and how to use them) can be a bit trickier.

If you're ready for a smart, affordable and sustainable strategy to support your web-based marketing, then it’s time to Build Your Web Marketing Toolbox.

Take a tour of new and classic tools for marketing and digital productivity to help you accomplish more with less effort. You'll leave with a new, easy-to-remember framework for evaluating and/or planning your web site, online marketing, social media activities and a veritable Sears Catalog of digital tools to make the work easier.