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World Information Architecture Day (Des Moines)

  • Drake University Des Moines, IA United States (map)

What even IS a website?

I delivered the keynote presentation to kick-off World Information Architecture Day Des Moines.

Abstract: What even is a website? Scott will explore how different answers to this seemingly simple question can shine a light on challenges and opportunities in our work — and what your team can learn from answering it together.

I shared seven metaphors, seven lenses, that respond to the question:

  1. A website is an ecosystem (interaction of organisms + environment)
  2. A website is an automaton (a machine in imitation of a person)
  3. A website is a conversation (between you and the user)
  4. A website is a mirror (that reflects what you value as an organization)
  5. A website is a barrier (between the user and their goal)
  6. A website is an undertaking (not just a rocket to launch, but a space program and mission control, too)
  7. A website is a responsibility (we're all responsible for our little corner of the web)

Download the slides. (PDF)

Presentation 2.001.jpeg
Presentation 2.039.jpeg
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