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The focused, expert-guided way to move your career forward.

Do you feel close to taking the next step in your content career one day, and then like it’s a million miles away the next?

Are you struggling to redefine your role internally to focus more on strategy? To make the case for your next promotion or a move into management? To prove to hiring managers that your previous experience is relevant to the role you want?

Or maybe you’re just tired of being dismissed by people who don’t understand your value.

Do you wish you had someone to talk to about all this, a private support network to ask for help, and an actual, specific plan for what you’re going to do next?

Then you’re in the right place, friend. 🙌🏻 Keep reading.

Content Career Accelerator helps you build the knowledge, confidence, community, and clarity to navigate your unique, zig-zagging — and hopefully long and rewarding — UX content career.

We don’t force you into a box.

That’s because content work is different than other design work. Because content careers are rarely linear. And because not all content work is alike.

The backgrounds, career paths, and day-to-day work of content professionals can be very different than those of our design, marketing, and product peers. Titles, roles, experiences, and skillsets vary from industry to industry, company to company, practitioner to practitioner. This can make for a maddening experience when trying to navigate your career path, find new opportunities, or move into UX content work for the first time.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pick a single ‘identity’, like UX writer or content strategist, and build a singular skillset for a job that might not even exist in five years. That’s just not smart.

Instead, Content Career Accelerator helps you find your way forward in the UX content universe. We have a unique offering that combines support for navigating your career with insights and training to help you in your current content work.

What roles does CCA focus on?

CCA serves people interested in or already working in roles under the big and ever-changing tent of UX content.

To us, that’s inclusive of: content design, UX writing, content strategy, content operations, information architecture, technical content, product marketing, and all of the many variations and flavors thereof.

If those terms mean nothing to you, try this: If you’re a ‘word person’ who wants to do more than writing — like strategy, or design, or research — CCA might be for you.

CCA is…

A coaching and learning community for current and aspiring content professionals.

A private online space to ask and answer questions about content careers and content work, and to share opportunities and resources.

Regular members-only opportunities like group coaching, networking events, accountability hours, topical career workshops, and more — all designed to help you stay forward-focused, connected, and engaged.

Professional development support through discounted or complimentary trainings, depending on your program.

A comprehensive online course to orient you to the UX content universe (coming early 2024).

Optional coaching and career strategy workshops for private, focused, in-depth career strategy guidance.

A large online whiteboard canvas, covered with sticky notes, titled 'Career Strategy Workshop'.
Our 1-on-1 Career Strategy Workshops help you make a personal plan to move forward.

Invest in yourself.

CCA is for anyone looking to move forward confidently in the UX content space — whether you’re getting started, pivoting from another field, changing roles, growing your skillset, or still figuring it all out.

About Your Host

The CCA community, its events, and coaching are all led or hosted by me, Scott Kubie.

I teach UX writing for the School of Visual Concepts in New York, and content strategy for the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle. I wrote Writing for Designers, published 120+ issues of the UX Writing Events newsletter, and have been working on the content side of digital experiences since 2009.

Like many people in this field, I have a B.A. in journalism, and got started by writing whatever I could for whomever would pay me.

Over my career, I’ve worked as an in-house content strategist and UX writer, led the content strategy practice at the top agency in the field, and have delivered over 100 public talks and workshops for audiences in just about every industry. I’ve worked embedded on product design teams and as an outside consultant. I’ve been in-house with benefits and an independent contractor. I’ve interviewed for and been offered management roles, executive-level practice leadership roles, and “IC” (individual contributor) roles. I’ve coached one-person app startups and Fortune 50 leadership teams.

I don’t have all the answers, but at this point, I’ve heard nearly all of the questions, and seen just about every edge of the UX content universe.

I’ve also spent a good deal of my career formally and informally coaching people on their UX content careers and writing about how to get started in this industry. You can learn more about me on my about page, and more about how I think and favorite topics by exploring this very website.

Common Questions

When can I start?

Right now! Community access happens as soon as you register, and Career Strategy Workshops and coaching sessions are available from January onward. Self-guided learning materials will be added to the CCA community space throughout early 2024.

What does it cost?

There are a variety of ways to join CCA. Our Indie program offers community membership through the end of 2025 for $695, or $895 with a 1-on-1 Career Strategy Workshop.

The Guided program, our personal accelerator and coaching package, is $1895. Some add-on services are available only to CCA members, such as additional coaching hours, ongoing portfolio and profile reviews, and full access to the professional development library. We go over each program in our free info sessions, and break them down in detail on the enrollment page for accepted applicants.

Is this a good program for career pivoters or folks who don’t already have a UX content role on their resumes?

Yes! Nearly all 23 participants across the first two cohort-based CCA programs were career pivoters, either from entirely different fields, or from more general marketing or digital strategy roles toward product / UX flavored roles. I’ve developed a lot of the resources with career pivoters in mind.

Is this a good program for someone just finishing a degree and entering the job market for the first time?

Potentially. If you’re just now learning about UX content, our Indie program, with our without the Career Strategy Workshop, could be a cost-effective way to build a firmer understanding of the space and start growing your network. If you’ve specifically focused on UX, content design, content strategy, or similar in your education, and/or have done some internships or apprenticeships of any kind, either of our programs could be a good fit. The Guided plan is best for folks who are actively applying for new roles.

How does payment work?

You’ll use an online checkout form to pay via credit card. Stripe is the payment processor. You can pay in full or in 2 or 3 monthly installments, depending on the program.

I can provide any manner of invoices and receipts for your budget requests or bookkeeping purposes; just ask!

Wire payment / bank transfer is accepted for the Guided plan if your employer will be paying — send me a note to start that process.

What if I get partway through my coaching program and decide that content is stupid and I’d actually rather pursue my passion of competitive rhythmic wood-carving?

Money well spent then, I’d say. What an insight!

Seriously though, while I may not have much guidance to offer in the way of competitive wood-carving, you’ll be welcome to complete your coaching time with a more general career focus if we start to discover that content roles might not be the best fit. While my own resume is steeped in content work, I have been in the world of UX and business strategy for over 13 years, and have had earlier career lives in broadcasting, video production, non-profit leadership, and more. We’ll find a way to make the most of it. (And you can of course stay a member of the CCA community and engage with anything you think will be helpful.)

How do I get started?

I’m currently asking interested folks to complete a brief, low-pressure application. This will help us make sure we’re a good fit for where you are in your career. Applications are manually reviewed, usually within a day or two. If accepted, you’ll get a link to our enrollment page which breaks down each program in detail. You pick the one that works best for you, register, and start!

Is this all about portfolios?

Not in the slightest. But let’s rip the band-aid off: You might learn that you’ll need to create or update a portfolio to get the role you want. But don’t sweat it: We can help you make a plan to tackle this — even if you think you don’t have anything to put into a portfolio.

But you might instead learn that your skills and passion are the best fit for a role or industry where they’ve never even seen a content portfolio and wouldn’t know to ask for one. That’s because UX jobs aren’t the only kinds of jobs, tech companies aren’t the only kinds of companies, and there are lots and lots and lots of content career opportunities out there in a variety of industries – whether you’re more of a strategist and writer, or whether you work visually and have lots of cool stuff to put in a more traditional design portfolio.

When are events like group coaching calls or community workshops held? Will they work for my timezone?

Event scheduling will adjust over time to respond to the availability of our members. I can’t coach an empty room or lead a workshop for no one! Community events are typically an hour, or 90 minutes for workshops, and will primarily be held on weekdays — they may be during the work day or in the evening, depending on your timezone. But again, this can evolve as the membership evolves. Some of our programming will be recorded and available on demand.

Can I sponsor someone or pay for a scholarship?

First of all, thank you! If you would like to pay for someone who has already been accepted, you’ll just need to ask them for a link to complete the registration on their behalf. If you’re interested in making the CCA available to more people, please send a note to and we can discuss options, including CCA community sponsorships, co-designing a scholarship program for your organization, that sort of thing.

What if you didn’t answer my question yet?

Send me an email, please:

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