A leading voice in digital strategy and UX design, Scott Kubie is an inventive, systems-minded designer with deep experience in all things content.

He’s been a staff content strategist at Mailchimp, content strategy practice lead at Brain Traffic, and the first UX content strategist at Wolfram Research. Scott wrote the seminal design writing text Writing for Designers. He teaches content strategy at the School of Visual Concepts, UX writing at the School of Visual Arts, and organizes Content.Events and the Content Career Accelerator.

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I share fresh ideas about craft, clarity, creativity, and personal growth. Plus: project updates, media recommendations, and links to all of the weird and wonderful things I find on the web.

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Let’s work together.

Keynote and All-Hands Presentations

Straight talk about content strategy, UX writing, and content design. Let’s start the conversation that finally changes things for your organization.

Skills Training and Workshop Facilitation

I’ll introduce your design and content teams to new tools and more efficient ways of working. And I’ll get leadership aligned on strategy so everyone can do their best work.

Writing for Designers

Writing for Designers is my book about how designers get the UX writing done for their products, apps, and websites.

Cover image of the book Writing for Designers.

With a design-thinking approach, Scott offers a unique perspective on how to make the most out of your written communication.

Una Kravetz (@una)

This book provides tips and techniques that fit nicely in any designer’s tool belt.

Aaron Irizarry (@aaroni)

A Book Apart, 2018. Learn more about Writing for Designers.

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