Hey hi, I’m Scott Kubie, a systems-minded design leader with deep experience in all things content.

I offer tools, coaching, and training to help user-centered teams smash their goals and enjoy their work.

As a speaker and educator, I deliver practical insights and hands-on training on topics like content strategy, user experience design, information architecture, and writing.

As a coach and consultant, I help teams and individuals navigate UX content challenges in their organizations and in their own careers.

I teach content strategy for Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts, UX writing for New York’s School of Visual Arts, and have led well over 100 public talks and workshops on design and digital strategy topics. I was the first UX content strategist at Wolfram Research, have led the content strategy practice at Brain Traffic, and was a Staff Content Strategist at Mailchimp.

Strategy & Coaching for Startups, Brands, and Enterprises

Not sure what you’re looking for? Drop me a line and we can figure it out together.

Custom & Keynote Presentations

Straight talk about writing, content, and design to start the conversation that finally changes things for your organization.

Organizing an in-house event or industry conference? Book time to chat about it now.

Rapid Experience Audits

Don’t burn six months and half your project budget on answers I can give you the next day. Get immediately actionable feedback on your product and content experience from a leading voice in the UX field.

Digital Ecosystem Mapping

Combining the best of domain models, content models, and brand architecture, I’ll help your team build a true picture of your digital content ecosystem in order to plan major changes, imagine new futures, and get a handle on content chaos. Learn more about ecosystem mapping.

UX & Content Skills Training

Introduce your design and content teams to new tools and better ways of working. We’ll plan an engaging and memorable training experience that makes the most of everyone’s time and energy. Explore training options.

Strategic Facilitation

Get everyone on the same page with an expert-led workshop that will serve as a pivotal moment in your company’s digital strategy for years to come. Popular topics include content project alignment, brand voice, product messaging, content operations, and prioritizing digital strategy initiatives.

Content Leadership Coaching

Support your content design, content strategy, and UX writing leaders with ongoing structured guidance and encouragement.

Recent Writing

  • Getting ready to ask for a raise or promotion in a UX content role
    A year or so ago, I had a coaching call with a junior UX writer who was interested in getting a promotion and/or getting a raise in their current role … and perhaps feeling a bit conflated on whether and how those two ideas are connected, or if they should be connected, or … well, … Read more
  • The value of content design is built-in and self-evident. (the brick analogy)
    Let’s imagine something together: Your digital product company has decided to build a new headquarters. The design of the building calls for a brick exterior. (Great choice, by the way.) Do you imagine you will hire bricklayers to lay those brick? Why bother, right? Who needs ’em? Everyone knows how blocks work. Stack stack stack. … Read more
  • Writing ain’t religion
    Choose a writing method that works for your team, content, and audience. Writing ain’t religion, friends. It’s okay to attend more than one church.  Let’s take content design, for instance. Content design is generally my top choice when: A) writing content that has to support as broad of an audience as possible, and/orB) making content … Read more
  • It’s a website, not a carnival.
    If you’re a UX writer, content designer, or similar, you need to learn to resist the pressure to be clever, to be funny, to be creative, to “make it pop”, to “give it personality” — especially if you’re not sure that it’s appropriate for the experience. (It’s probably not.)

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