It’s just words on websites

Unless you are working on content that is getting carved into a monument or put on a plaque being sent into space for future civilizations to find, you have my permission to relax.

My 2020 Playlist

In 2018, I started collecting songs I heard out in the world to a playlist. Anything that resonated in the moment, new or nostalgic. Obviously, the world was quite different when I started this habit. Like most folks who weren’t essential workers or selfish assholes, I spent most of 2020 at home. No concerts, no…

Big whoop

This originally appeared in Issue 035 of UX Writing Events. Twitter finally did it. Big whoop. I wrote on LinkedIn recently that I’m embarrassed to be a tech worker right now, but if I can be even more honest with you, the feeling is closer to shame.  I’ve never worked at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Discord, Shopify, Spotify, or any of the many…

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