👋🏻 Hello, I’m Scott Kubie.

I’m the author of Writing for Designers, a book that helps design teams get the writing done. I’m also a consultant, coach, and speaker focused on content strategy, UX writing, and product design.

I borrow the best tools and ideas from content strategy, design thinking, and information architecture, along with the art of writing and editing, to solve business and strategy problems.

I’ve been focused on the content side of digital strategy for 12+ years. I’ve worn just about every UX and content strategy hat you can wear, including information architect, UX writer, content strategist, and product owner. I’ve worked previously as the Lead Content Strategist at Brain Traffic, the world’s preeminent content strategy consultancy, and as a Staff Content Strategist at Mailchimp.

Now, I’m independent, and ready to help your team with:


👓 Move forward with shared understanding and strategic alignment.


🍻 Work better together across product, content, design, and strategy.


🔊 Communicate ideas and concepts in ways that inspire action.

Let’s Work Together

I like to work fast, and prefer engagements structured around workshops, sprints, and/or consulting retainers. I use simple, flexible scopes of work that focus on answering the questions you need answered.

Ready to start? Drop me a note with details on your need, timeline, and budget. Always happy to chat on LinkedIn, too.

Consulting Services

These are a few ways we could work together. Not sure what you need? Just reach out!

Keynote Presentations

I’ll bring you straight talk about writing, content, and design and help start the conversation that finally changes things for your organization.

Custom presentations are available. Ideas, videos, and testimonials are available on my speaking page.

Rapid Expert Analysis

Don’t burn six months and half your project budget on answers I can give you the next day. Get immediately actionable feedback on your product and content experience from a true expert.

Digital Ecosystem Mapping

Combining the best of domain models, content models, and brand architecture, I’ll help your team build a true picture of your digital content ecosystem in order to plan major changes, imagine new futures, and get a handle on content chaos.

Skills Training

I’ll introduce your design and content teams to new tools and better ways of working. We’ll work together to create an engaging and memorable training experience that makes the most of everyone’s time and energy.

Facilitating Strategic Alignment

I’ll plan and run a workshop that finally gets everyone on the same page and will serve as a pivotal moment in your company’s digital strategy for years to come.

Content Leadership Coaching

Support your content design, content strategy, and UX writing leaders with ongoing structured guidance and encouragement.

Scoping and Vendor Selection

I can serve as a trusted, independent advisor to help you scope work and choose firms for website redesigns, content migrations, and other major digital content strategy initiatives.