Hi, Scott here. 👋🏻 Over the last 15 years, I’ve mostly worked as a content strategist, content designer, and/or information architect, and I teach students and train teams on those topics, too.

Over that time, I’ve made a lot of stuff.

This guide collects everything of value I can find to share from my history of writing, public speaking, interviews, and teaching — over 100 items! It’s all stuff I’ve written, made, or contributed to.

While this collection is naturally ego-centric, many of the resources contain links and connections to further resources from others — as do most of my talks, classes, and workshops. I took inspiration for this page from Amy Santee’s excellent resources page, which is worth a look for anyone into UX research or design.

Happy exploring! Please contact me if you catch any errors or omissions.

Are you new here? Great! Here are some places to start…

Paths into UX content
kubie.co article (2021)

What is UX writing?
kubie.co article (2020)

S3 Episode 5 w/ Scott Kubie
UX Growth w/ Nick Mann (podcast, 2024)

UX Content YouTube Playlist
Curated collection of 80+ videos on UX, IA, CS, & CD topics

Careers in UX & Content

Real talk and practical approaches on moving forward in your UX and/or content career.

Content Career Accelerator newsletter
Weekly-ish updates with essays, tips, tools, & opportunities

Content Career Accelerator community
A private coaching & learning community for UX content professionals

Four tips on writing about design
kubie.co article (2020)

Career Strategy Workshop
One-shot coaching session w/ Scott

Philosophical musings and other high-level perspectives on the nature and practice of content strategy and content design. These aren’t how to do it, they’re how to be about it.

Content Strategy is Boring (and That’s OK)
Brain Traffic article about the nature of CS

Writing ain’t religion
kubie.co article on choosing a writing approach thoughtfully (2023)

I still care about content
kubie.co article (2023)

You can’t convince everybody
kubie.co article (2022)

UX Writing & Content Design Craft Skills

Being the writer on a product team, collaboration with design, UX writing and content design craft skills.

How to Get the UX Writing Done
Interaction 19 (event recording, 2019)

Ep. 73 – Writing for Designers
Content Strategy Insights w/ Larry Swanson (video, 2020)

Dear User, Let’s Be Friends
UX Lisbon (event recording, 2022)

Ideas, methods, and tools for setting strategy and improving your craft skills as a content strategist, whether or not you’ve got the title.

Put the Work Before the Words
Define CS for yourself, first (Brain Traffic article)

Design Like a Content Strategist
PSU Web (event recording, 2014)

How smart teams create and train writers
UX Writing Bern & Zurich (event recording, 2021)

Tools for content migration planning (page tables + content matrix)
Start simply: page tables + content matrix (kubie.co article, 2022)

How smart teams create and train writers + Q&A
Plain Language Summit (event recording, 2020)

Writing rules are made to be chosen
A caution against ‘best practices’ (kubie.co article, 2022)

5 Uncomfortable Truths About UX & Content
ITSC Meets (event recording, 2022)

How to make someone hate writing for you
Gather Content article (2015)

Assorted thoughts on the design and stewardship of information spaces.

What Even Is a Website?
Everyone has a different context (Brain Traffic article)

21 Thoughts on Information Architecture
Why define it when you can make a big list instead? (kubie.co article, 2023)

Conceptual debt is killing your design process
Seriously though (kubie.co article, 2020)

The map in your head
On the real value of mapping (kubie.co article, 2019)

The website of Theseus
On “redesigns” and “new” websites (kubie.co article, 2018)

Content Ecosystem Mapping

Content ecosystem mapping is a design mapping method that helps team align and create clarity for large website, app, and digital strategy initiatives. I didn’t coin the phrase, nor invent concept modeling, but I’ve gone deep on this as a content strategy method.

Ep. 29 – Mapping Content Ecosystems
The OOUX Podcast w/ Sophia Prater (audio, 2022)

Ep. 3 – Content Ecosystems
The Content Strategy Podcast w/ Kristina Halvorson (audio w/ transcript, 2018)

Develop a Strategy for Your Content (Chapter 9)
The Web Strategy Guide (online book)

Websites Aren’t Rocketships (So Stop “Launching” Them, Please)
Content Strategy Seattle (event recording, 2022)

Ep. 29 Mapping content ecosystems w/ Scott Kubie
OmnichannelX w/ Noz Urbina (podcast, 2023)

Practical and philosophical takes on the nature of design, how to be a designer, and all of the myriad disciplines that comprise contemporary “UX design”.

Making sense of things is a designer’s job
On the point of the work (kubie.co article, 2020)

Learn thinky things
Figma is a tool, not a method (kubie.co article, 2022)

It’s all made up, and that’s okay
The design vocabulary police are not coming to get you (kubie.co article, 2022)

Reckons, notions, thought technologies and other things that aren’t about design or content per se, at least not in the business sense of those terms.

You Get Email From Scott Kubie
One reader describes it as “a pep rally for creative weirdos”. I like that. (newsletter)

The effortful way
On getting the work done one way or another (kubie.co article, 2020)

Being the thing
On building writing habits (kubie.co article, 2019)

Give him some room
On catching your breath (kubie.co article, 2022)

A smaller toolkit
On ever-simpler tools (kubie.co article, 2019)

Always Be Deleting
On managing digital overwhelm (kubie.co article, 2019)

The Write Stuff Ep. 3
On writing as thinking (video, 2018)

Brainstorming is Broken
Ignite Ames (event recording, 2013)

Build your digital writing toolbox
PSU Web (event recording, 2013)

Paper carries, but it doesn’t keep
On what to do with all those old notebooks (kubie.co article, 2019)

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