Contact Scott Kubie

The more specific your message/question/request, and the more context you can provide — why you’re writing to me, how you found your way to me, how you think I can help — the more I’ll be able to help.

I’ve organized some self-service guidance based on common inquiries. It’s kind of a logistical FAQ, if you will.

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Scott Kubie
‪(401) 213-1985‬

Note that it’s .co, not .com — there’s no ‘m’. If you’re writing me from a phone, it might try to add that ‘m’. Don’t let it!

I’m not interested in guest posts on this site. Please don’t ask.

If you don’t see your need, go ahead and write me anyway; I’m not trying to put up a wall between you and me, just some thoughts on how to increase the odds of success for both of us. ☺️

Do you need help with registration for a class or workshop?

If it’s something I offer on this site,, please write to me any time at, or call me at ‪(401) 213-1985‬ during business hours (roughly 9 to 5, Eastern time). Let me know who is registered (or trying to register), the name on the billing card, and any other details that might be helpful.

If someone else organizes the event, such as Confab or the School of Visual Concepts, you’ll want to try them first, especially if it’s related to billing or registration.

Are you looking for slides or video from a presentation or workshop?

Slides from Presentations

If I gave the talk very recently: Check your inbox or the conference website or Slack group or what-have-you, or perhaps my Speaker Deck profile. I tend to share slides publicly if it was some sort of main stage or keynote presentation or public online event.

If I gave the talk a while ago: Your guess is as good as mine. It might be on this site, or Speaker Deck or Slideshare, or floating around the ether somewhere. If you can recall the name of the event and the name of the presentation as it appeared in the program, I can probably find a copy of the deck if you ask kindly. There’s also a chance that a Google search for my name (in quotes) and the name of the presentation (not in quotes) combined will reveal some variation of the deck from another event that might get you by.

Slides and Resources from Classes and Workshops

More often than not, these are made directly available via a download link to attendees via an email from me. If you did not get an email from me that you were expecting, just send me a note and we’ll see what we can figure out. For workshops that are part of a conference program, I’ll often share the deck and resources with them and they will add it to a page on an attendees-only website, or send you an email about it.

Videos from Presentations and Meetups

If I know about it and have access to it, I have almost certainly added it to my UX Content Playlist. I often don’t have much control over what gets recorded or not and what gets posted or not. Sorry.

Do you need some information in order to pay me or register for a course?

Delightful! Send me a note at or call me directly at ‪(401) 213-1985‬. I’m a one-man band, so it may take a minute to respond.

Do you want to invite me to be part of a conference, meetup, or event?

How lovely! Thank you for thinking of me. In your message, please tell me about:

  • Date(s)
  • Location or online format
  • Ticket or workshop prices
  • Confirmed speakers and sponsors
  • Speaker/travel budget
  • Details regarding your commitment to diversity, inclusion, and creating a safe experience for all involved.

I charge a speaking fee for events that sell tickets, and for in-house presentations that aren’t free and open to the public.

I’m almost always happy to join book clubs, meetup groups, and traditional classrooms remotely or locally without a speaking fee.

Topics, testimonials, videos, and more are available on my Speaking & Training page.

Do you want to invite me to be part of a podcast or Twitter Space or whatever the kids are doing these days?

If it’s the kind of thing where I can just jump on and talk and there’s not that much prep involved, I’m probably game. Just ask!

Are you struggling with something in your content, design, or UX career?

A lot of what I write and share is designed to help someone exactly like you. You’ll find resources in my UX Content FAQs, this YouTube playlist, my UX Writing Events newsletter, and writing I publish on this site and on LinkedIn.

I only offer dedicated portfolio reviews and career 1-on-1s through the Content Career Accelerator. I hold periodic UX Content Office Hours where folks can ask questions in a small group setting; conversation often turns to navigating UX content careers.

I love to get specific questions, like these:

  • What advice do you have for someone trying to [accomplish goal X] who is in [situation Y]?
  • What’s your best/favorite/top tool for [doing this particular thing]?
  • Someone in my organization is arguing for doing [X], but I’m worried it’s not that simple. What do you think?
  • Can you take a quick look at this proposal for a conference and let me know what you think?

If you’re not sure you have a specific question, go ahead and ask! Just know I might point you back to this site or my FAQs. There’s also a chance I’ll make a video or write an article rather than responding directly, so do let me know if there’s urgency to your question.

Did you find something in the world with my name on it – perhaps left behind in a coffee shop or airport lounge – and kind-heartedly searched my name hoping to reach me and return it?

(This happens more than you’d think.)

Bless you, new friend! Email away.

Do you want to pick my brain?

For guidance on your business venture:

Great! That’s called consulting. I know digital strategy, especially content strategy and content design, inside and out, and can often unstick wicked problems and set you on the right path in just one session. As such, I like to start new clients with a one-time session. If it seems like there’s more to unpack, I’ll be happy to talk retainers, proposals, and project rates.

View booking page

Please send along as much detail as you can when booking. Note that I don’t sign NDAs for anyone I don’t already have a business relationship with.

For guidance on your new UX/IA/content/design community venture:

I’m not much of a joiner and will probably not want to be part of whatever the thing is. That’s not a judgment about your idea, I just know myself pretty well. But I’m happy to chat if you think my perspective would be valuable. Send me a note and we can find a time.

For guidance on navigating your UX content career:

See this question.

Do you have a question about orders, shipping, bulk purchases, or other things related to Writing for Designers?

I’ll probably pass it along directly to the publisher, A Book Apart. Feel free to message me as well if you think I can help. I just wrote the book, though, I honestly don’t know much about how the rest of it works. I do know that bulk purchase discounts are automatically applied when you order through their site. They can also facilitate providing download codes for event attendees. If you’re just ordering right off the site, you can save an additional 10% on orders with the code KUBIE10. If you want hard copies for an event, please order early. They are printed on demand and shipping can be a bit slow.

Do you want my permission to quote me in a talk, book, or otherwise?

You probably don’t have to ask, but that’s very nice of you. Mostly I would just ask that you include my name and a link to the original source (e.g. my book site or the tweet or article you’re quoting from), if possible. If you want to reference one of my talks, I can probably provide originals of various slides or illustrations.