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Hello! If you have a project, consulting, training, or speaking need, please use this contact form if you’re able. Alternatively, you can send an email to

The more specific your message/question/request, and the more context you can provide β€”Β why you’re writing to us, how you found your way here, how you think we can help β€” the more we’ll be able to help. Thanks in advance. 🀘🏻

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Note that our website and email addresses end in .co, not .com β€” there’s no β€˜m’. If you’re writing from a phone, it might try to add that β€˜m’. Don’t let it!

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For project, training, or media inquiries, use the form or write to
If you're a little lost or aren't sure what you need, drop a note to and we'll get you sorted.

☎️ Phone

You can leave a message, or, on rare occasions, catch Scott when he's not in a meeting.


🐌 Mailing Address
225 Dyer Street, 2nd Floor
Providence, RI 02903

This is a business address. Packages are delivered to a shared mailroom.

🚫 Not interested in backlinks, guest posts, SEO, or design services. We’re not interested in being solicited at all, honestly. This site does not run guest posts.

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