Notes about this site and my work that don’t seem to belong anywhere else.

About This Site

kubie.co went live in its current form on July 20, 2020.

It combines content from previous incarnations of my personal site (also known as kubie.co) and blog (Brutalist Bookends), as well as articles previously published elsewhere, including for third parties such as Gather Content, on my LinkedIn profile, or in my various newsletters. I published the original kubie.co as a speaking portfolio site around 2013. It took over for ScottKubie.com, a general business card sort of website I maintained before that.

I sometimes use referral links for products and services that I use and recommend on this site, social media, and in my mailings. Generally, it’s the sort of thing where if 10 people sign up at the link, I earn a t-shirt or 5% off my next bill or some other nonsense. These links are few and far between. I don’t use any automated referral tools, plug-ins, or platforms.

All of my writing, videos, talks, and illustrations are protected by copyright.

If you’d like to quote something I’ve written from my book, this site, or one of my LinkedIn posts, you don’t need to ask my permission. I’m always happy to know that it’s happened, though, so feel free to let me know. You do need to make it clear to your audience that you’re quoting me or my work. It’s extra great if you can link to the article or post that inspired you. Screenshots are nice, too.

If you would like to translate any of my writing or talks into another language, please contact me first. I’m very agreeable to that sort of thing. We just might need to work out some details.

Website Tools and Hosting

This site is powered by WordPress.

It’s a “self-hosted” install managed by Flywheel, who are excellent.

I use a number of other plug-ins to reduce tedium and patch errors on the site, including Yoast SEO, Ninja Forms, Smush, Ultimate Category Excluder, and Redirection.

I use Buttondown for my personal newsletter, and Mailerlite for Content Career Accelerator.

I use Google Analytics and the previously mentioned Redirection plug-in to monitor and improve the site experience.

Photographs and Image Credits

Many photos of me used on this site were taken by José Goulão at UX Lisbon.

The default social share photo (also used on the homepage under the “Let’s Work Together” section) was taken by my friend Michael Metts, as was the photo used on the About page.

Other photos of me from conferences and events were very likely taken by Sean Tubridy of Brain Traffic.

Promotional images of Writing for Designers and other A Book Apart books are courtesy of A Book Apart.

I try to add a credit line to posts that use photos snagged from Unsplash and similar sites, but I’m sure I’ve missed some.

Many uncredited photographs were taken by me. Unless I’m in them, in which case, again, it was probably Michael or Sean.

Content Acknowledgments

The tagline of this site, Scott Kubie is a designer who writes, follows a pattern that I shamelessly stole from Austin Kleon.

I’ve either worked with, studied the works of, or otherwise been influenced by the following thinkers/writers/designers/intellectuals, and owe a debt to them:

And that’s just off the top of my head. Much love to the greater UX and content strategy communities. Wouldn’t be here without y’all.

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