Presentations and workshops about content strategy, writing, and UX design

 Delivering the keynote address at HighEdWeb Michigan 2014. Photo by  Scott Galvin

Delivering the keynote address at HighEdWeb Michigan 2014. Photo by Scott Galvin

I deliver practical insights and hands-on training on topics like collaboration, creativity, productivity, content strategy, user experience design, and information architecture.

My decks are packed full of ideas and inspiration, not text, and there's always something for your audience to reference, think on, and work with long after the event. Many of my workshops include original canvases, worksheets, and tools that help make abstract topics accessible and actionable.

My speaking style is candid and conversational. I talk like a normal person, not a "thought leader" or motivational speaker.

I would love to keynote your event, deliver an in-house lecture or training workshop, guest on your podcast, or drop-in on your classroom or Meetup group. Thanks for considering me and let me know if I can answer any questions.

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I've delivered most of these as both presentations and workshops, and can always customize something for your event and audience.

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