Keynote presentations and interactive workshops on content, writing, creativity, and UX design

Speaking at Interaction 19 Seattle. Photo Copyright IxDA 2019.

I deliver practical insights and hands-on training on topics like content strategy, user experience design, information architecture, and writing.

My decks are packed full of ideas and inspiration, not text, and there's always something for your audience to reference, think on, and work with long after the event.

My speaking style is candid and conversational. I talk like a normal person, not a "thought leader" or motivational speaker.

I would love to keynote your event, deliver an in-house workshop, guest on your podcast, or visit your classroom or meetup group.

Current presentations and workshops

  • Brainstorming Is Broken - Brainstorming sucks. But it doesn't have to.
  • Clarity Through Content Strategy - Clarity is a content strategist's best friend.
  • Communicating Change - Change is a feature. How are you communicating about it with your users?
  • Content Ecosystem Maps - Reduce content chaos and create alignment by mapping your organization's true content reality.
  • Dear User: Let’s Be Friends - Designing friendlier interfaces with lessons from Dale Carnegie.
  • How to Get the Writing Done - Writing for design is different than writing work emails. Learn how your team can get the writing done.
  • Practical Content Strategy - How to get the work done as a content strategist.
  • User-Centered Content - Simple, practical, immediately-usable ways to focus more on users in your content work.
  • What Even Is a Website? - Not everyone on your team thinks about the website in the same way. This is a problem.

Looking for something custom? Just let me know!

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Upcoming events

Past events

I've delivered 60+ breakout sessions, meetup presentations, professional development workshops, and keynote talks to international audiences since 2010, as well as dozens of in-house design and alignment workshops for clients.

Here are a few highlights: