Writing for Designers

A book about how to get the writing done on your digital projects. Out now from A Book Apart.


As a content strategist, I make planning and workflow tools for other people to use. Templates, checklists, playbooks, that kind of thing. I introduce each tool with a cover sheet that explains what it is, who it's for, and when to use it. How to use it is explained by the tool itself. In that spirit, I've created this page as a cover sheet of sorts for my upcoming book, Writing for Designers.

What it is

Writing for Designers is a 60-some page ebook in the Briefs series from A Book Apart.

It explains how to get the writing done on design projects.

The book has four chapters. Each chapter covers one phase of the four-part writing workflow you will use to get the writing done:

  1. Prepare
  2. Compose
  3. Edit
  4. Finish

Each chapter explains the key questions, steps, and considerations to make during each phase. It also recommends some of my favorite tools and techniques to apply in each phase to help you get the writing done more quickly and less painfully than you might have been able to on your own.

When you buy the book, you get a digital package with DRM-free files in several formats. It can be read on a phone, Kindle, iPad, or computer.

Who it's for

When I first pitched this book, they asked me to describe my ideal audience in detail. What I wrote then still holds up:

Designers (especially UXers and front-end web developers) who believe that words and writing are important, but haven’t yet found the book that makes writing click for them. Their eyes glaze over when an author goes on about passive voice and Oxford commas and dangling modifiers and other stuff that bored them back in high school. They’re used to learning things on their own and just need a good foundation to go from to get better with the writing stuff.

You don't have to have Designer on your business card to find value in this book, however. It explains a repeatable framework and key tips for getting the writing done that anyone working on digital projects can use. I think it would be especially helpful as a textbook for anyone who needs to train/onboard writers in their organizations.

When to use it

This book is a companion to guide you through the writing process for one of your projects. It takes you from the beginning (I've got to do the writing!) to the end (I'm done with the writing!).

Read it before you start in on a new project, if you can. It can also help you out if you're already in the middle of things and feeling stuck. It's brief, so start at the beginning either way.