Writing for Designers

A book about how to get the writing done on your digital design projects.

Available now from A Book Apart.


Hello. I'm Scott. I wrote a book called Writing for Designers.

It's 65 pages, give or take, and part of the Briefs series from A Book Apart. It explains how to get the writing done on design projects.

I wrote this book for designers – especially UXers and front-end web developers – who know that words and writing are important, but haven’t yet found the book that makes writing "click". Their eyes glaze over when people talk about passive voice and Oxford commas and dangling modifiers and other boring stuff. They’re used to learning things on their own and just need a good foundation to go from to get better with writing. If that sounds like you, or someone on your team, you've found the right book.

Writing for Designers has four chapters, plus an introduction, plus a lovely foreword from designer Dan Brown. It is an intentionally-brief 65 pages, so you can get just enough guidance to move forward with confidence, get back to work, and get the writing done.

Each chapter guides you through part of the high-level workflow you'll follow to do the writing:

  1. Prepare (to do the writing)
  2. Compose (the words)
  3. Edit (what you wrote)
  4. Finish (the damn writing)

I recommend reading this before you start in on a new project, if you can. It can also help out if you're already in the middle of a design project but feeling stuck.

I've been the "word guy" on a lot of design teams, and I've taught designers, developers, marketers, business execs, and even other writers how to get the writing done in a design context. I hope my book can help you, too.

If you're on the fence or want to learn more, read the introduction on A List Apart. If this sounds perfect and you're ready to buy, grab the ebook, print-on-demand paperback, or both at A Book Apart.


Scott Kubie
Author, Writing for Designers

P.S. If you have any questions or feedback about the book, or about design writing in general, feel free to reach out.

Got the print edition? Want to see the illustrations without a magnifying glass?

A few folks have kindly pointed out that the visuals in the paperback are a little on the small side. To remedy this, I’ve made available a ZIP archive of all of the original Writing for Designers illustration files (Dropbox, 4.5mb). If you’re having difficulty accessing the files, drop me a note and I’ll be happy to help.