Hey there! I'm Scott Kubie, a designer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Photo by Sean Tubridy

I'm currently a Senior Content Strategist at Brain Traffic.

I use writing, modeling, and editorial strategy to design digital products and services, and coach teams on how to do the same.

The focus of my practice is clarity. People are resourceful and can adapt to all kinds of situations, be it not enough money, people, time, or even skill. But there’s not any getting around clarity. The techniques I teach and workshops I facilitate will help you clarify your vision, voice, mission, message, targets, and tone.

I've spoken and led workshops for many great clients and community events including the Information Architecture Summit, the Housing Iowa Conference, the Web Conference at Penn State, the Iowa Arts Council, the University of Illinois Web Conference, Confab, and MinneWebCon.

I publish a weekly newsletter called 7x77.

Oh, and I'm one of the Mug Bums.

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