Arizona sun

A cyclist stopped in front of the sun as I was stopped behind 15 cars. I’d have gladly switched places.

Been down in Arizona keeping my Mom company after a surgery. Went for a run this morning. It was just shy of 80 in Tucson. I don’t know anyone but family down here, and there’s hardly anyone around anyway, so I only wore my little running shorts. I wanted to feel as much sun on my skin as possible. It’s going to snow again when I get back to Minneapolis. Come on already.

Drove Dad’s old F-150 into town last night just to see civilization. It’s been a few months since I’ve driven a car. The backroads are pleasant enough but as soon as there’s more than two lanes, stoplights, turn signals, etc., it’s just a miserable affair. I don’t know how people do it every day without growing bitter and small.

Poked around Bookman’s, which is like a Hastings (R.I.P.) or Borders when they were good. Art and design section was thin so left empty-handed.

Got some popsicles for Mom at the grocery store. Her appetite is shot between the surgery and the meds, and it’s been hard for her to keep food down. There hasn’t been much to do so my main contribution has been buying things and handing her things. Getting packages delivered quickly from Amazon always seems like wizardry to my folks. And in the case of getting a very specific sort of gauze pad designed to fit around surgery drains the same day I ordered them, I’d have to agree.

Everybody down here’s excited about a new bird in the area, the Red Warbler. Usually only found in Mexico. He’s on the other side of town but I’m keeping my eye out anyway.