Writing for Designers: A Practical UX Writing Training

Learn a proven, repeatable framework for getting the writing done for websites, apps, and digital products.

Photograph of print and digital editions of Writing for Designers.

Based on the book of the same name, Writing for Designers is a foundational training on workflow-based writing as part of a larger design, UX, or content project.

This is not about the “rules” of UX writing — if there are any. We’ll be focused less on the mechanics of writing well and more on what it’s like to deal with UX writing and interface copy as part of your larger design and content processes. That means this workshop is a great fit for anyone dealing with product, website, and UX content, whether or not they feel like a “writer”.

Who It’s For

designers of all kinds, UX designers/researchers, design managers, technical writers, service designers, product managers, project managers, developers, newer UX writers and content designers, anyone who works on projects that involve writing and content planning with a team

Writing for Designers

Learn How To:

  • Identify types of UX content, and apply important considerations in writing each
  • Scope and articulate writing assignments in the context of a larger design project
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of a design writer (e.g. content designer or UX writer)
  • Plan, execute, and improve writing workflows for you and your team
  • Apply editing lenses and other tools to improve your writing
  • Solicit and manage feedback on writing
  • Get the writing done

Topics Covered

writing workflows, collaboration planning, stakeholder management, discovery work for content, key inputs for writing, scoping writing/content work, managing approvals and sign-offs, types and categories of UX content

What You Get

Access to lecture and Q&A recordings, presentation slides, worksheets and planning templates, recommended reading and resources list, bonus material from past workshops

Workshop Calendar

Currently-scheduled public editions of the Writing for Designers training workshop.

September 11–12, 2023

Monday & Tuesday
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Early registration pricing ends July 28, 2023.

New York: 11:00am to 3:00pm

San Francisco: 8:00am to 12:00pm
Chicago: 10:00am to 2:00pm
London: 4:00pm to 8:00pm

Add-On: Expert Lunch & Learn

Any company that sends someone to a workshop in 2023 can add a private Q&A or lunch-and-learn session at a discount of over half my usual in-house speaking fee. You could schedule the session before the workshop to help your team map out learning goals, or schedule it for after to add an expert perspective during your after-action planning. Please contact me if you’re interested in this opportunity.

Public Workshop Format

Each workshop consists of two online training sessions lasting four hours each, held on consecutive days. The training is live and interactive, delivered via videoconferencing and an online whiteboard space. It’s a similar experience to an in-person training, except you don’t have to travel and can wear comfy clothes!

A maximum of 20 total participants will be in each workshop; typically fewer.

Learn more about my workshops. Format and timing can be lightly customized for private & in-house training events.

Public Workshop Pricing

Individual$895$695$250No Cost
4 available.2 available.
2023 Pricing table. 4 sliding scale seats and 2 equity seats are available in each workshop.

Private Workshop Pricing

In-house and team training workshops start at $7,500 USD. This provides a significant savings for teams, and can be planned to suit your schedule and calendar; for instance, held online on two consecutive Friday mornings, or held in-person as an all-day workshop, or as a 90-minute class that meets once a week.

My workshops scale up and down very well, and large and small groups alike are just fine. Smaller groups afford more time for getting into the nitty-gritty and applying the lesson to a specific challenge or product, and larger groups help you get everyone aligned on tools and methods in one shot to improve the quality and effectiveness of your collaborations.

About the Book

Photograph of print and digital editions of Writing for Designers.

Writing for Designers

Scott Kubie
A Book Apart, 2018

From product documentation to menu labels to marketing emails, writing for the web can feel challenging—even insurmountable. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Whether you’re new to writing or looking to hone your skills, Scott Kubie’s guide will empower you to get organized and get going. Learn to scope and articulate writing assignments, build a repeatable workflow, and develop methods for productive editing, collaboration, version control, and delivery. Don’t struggle with writing—get the writing done.

Read the Introduction on A List Apart

Buy from A Book Apart

Connecting the Book & The Workshop

This workshop teaches the same writing framework described in the book: Prepare, Compose, Edit, Finish.

It’s not necessary to have read Writing for Designers to participate. Some teams like to get copies for everyone participating, especially if it’s an in-house event.

The workshop introduces new and specific tools for each of the phases, and provides opportunities to practice key activities like mapping your workflow, mindmapping, and critique.

Book Purchasing and Discounts

Writing for Designers is available direct from the publisher, A Book Apart. Quantity discounts apply automatically when added to your cart. The code KUBIE10 takes an additional 10% off of any order, stacking with other discounts.

Typically, A Book Apart can offer codes for self-redemption if you’d like to make a certain number of books available first-come first-serve to your organization.

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About the Instructor

The Writing for Designers workshop is led by Scott Kubie. Scott has been a Staff Content Strategist at Mailchimp, the content strategy practice lead at Brain Traffic, and was the first UX content strategist at Wolfram Research.

He wrote Writing for Designers, hosts the Content Events community and newsletter, and leads the Content Career Accelerator. He is a popular speaker at web, UX, marketing, and design conferences around the world.

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