No. 62 | Seven reasons I might want a house again?

I had a house, back in Iowa. Then I moved. So now I don’t. I like my apartment, and just renewed my lease, but I’m thinking about houses again. Owning property, anyway. A spooky old bank or post office or something would be rad. Some place the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine might roll up on.

Anyway, here are seven reason I might like to own a house again maybe question mark?

1) Drums.

I had a drum set in my bedroom in high school. I fucking loved it. Incredible stress relief. Good winter exercise. And now that I’m actually making music, it would be really nice to host practices and/or track my own drums.

2) Little Free Library.

I often want to buy zines and comics and poetry chapbooks and the like, to support artists, but I don’t actually want to own these things. I guess I could buy them and put them in a stranger’s Little Free Library? But there aren’t really any around me. So maybe this is more “why I want to live in a residential neighborhood again”.

3) Dinner parties.

I’ve always been more comfortable as host than guest. Dinner parties seem like the kind of thing you should do as an adult. My apartment isn’t a great fit for them right now. And I’d like a gas range so I can do some of the fancy cooking things I see on the teevee shows.

4) Cherry tomatoes.

I’m not really wired for gardening but I would like to throw cherry and grape tomato seeds at the ground and water them occasionally and cross my fingers.

5) Dog(s).

Our building allows pets but I don’t think a dog would like it very much in my apartment. It just seems kind of selfish. I listen to lonely dogs barking all day 🙁

6) Projects.

I never had a house all to myself. I would like to have a space where I can lay out lots of projects. This table is where the guitar is getting rebuilt. This table is where the LEGO Death Star is coming together. This corner is where I’m piling up jeans to be repaired. 

One of my forms of escapism is watching YouTube tours of builder’s workshops and makerspaces. A big basement or garage or just doing my Onion John thing and living however it makes sense in my own space…lovely. My productivity modules engage more strongly when I can lay everything out. I tend to stall out when I have to pack things away. 

7) Halloween.

I kind of want to be a Halloween Dad? Full-size candy bars, smoke machines, punny DIY gravestone decorations, the works.

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