No. 02 | Seven things to bring

1) Bring a pen.

Any will do. I like these and these.

2) Bring a snack.

3) Bring an extra copy.

If it’s important, I carry one on my person and one in a bag. (The only thing worse than losing your only copy is losing two copies in the same bag.)

4) Be present, and bring your whole self.

I’ve found guided meditation to be helpful.

5) Bring a corkscrew.

You’d think they’d have one, but they won’t.

6) Bring (more) cash.

You should carry more than a dollar, David. You’re a grown man!

The Weather Man is a film I still think about from time to time.

7) Bring the noize.

Originally published as List No. 02 of the 7x77 newsletter project.
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