No. 72 | Seven habits I formed the hard way

Some habits come easier than others. I’m still working on “go to bed before midnight because you wake up at 6am no matter what, dummy”, but life is about the journey, you know? Here are seven habits I formed the hard way.

  1. Looking in the oven before preheating (man am I quick at getting to the smoke detector, though).
  2. Washing my hands thoroughly after handling jalapeños (before urinating, for instance).
  3. Putting my phone in the same pocket every time.
  4. Thinking of how what I’m about to say will affect the other person before I say it (instead of after, or not at all).
  5. Making sure that the car turning right before me actually went before also trying to turn right.
  6. Checking every shelf and drawer and hook in the hotel before checkout, even if I’m sure I didn’t use them.
  7. Drinking some goddamn water (you idiot, you dehydrated buffoon).
Originally published as List No. 72 of the 7x77 newsletter project.
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