Give him some room

When it comes to maintaining a productive, creatively fulfilling life, the simple answers are terribly alluring. I’ve swooned to the siren songs of bucking up and toughening up and not giving a fuck and pulling on my bootstraps just a little bit harder. But like the Sirens themselves, those songs are just myths. What I’ve … Read more

Accordion gestures

My main fitness goal is to not fall into a debilitating depression. Which is not exactly a storyline that would get you cast on a reality TV fitness show.1 The meat machine that is my body shares this goal and has recently — and not unreasonably — demanded more activity. It controls the bulk of … Read more

Shut up, you

Been using the app Streaks for close to a year. I know this because I borrowed the idea for a “Don’t Die” habit from @hotdogsladies, and that one is closing in on 365. Habit tracking is about building habits, right? Obviously. You want to read more, so you make “Read for 5 Minutes” a habit, … Read more

Keeping a Work Journal

I started a new job March 5 of this year. The new job also meant a new town and new apartment, filling a newly created position, and working on new projects with new people. On top of that, my start date was just two weeks before my first speaking gig at a major industry conference. … Read more

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