Shut up, you

Been using the app Streaks for close to a year. I know this because I borrowed the idea for a “Don’t Die” habit from @hotdogsladies, and that one is closing in on 365. Habit tracking is about building habits, right? Obviously. You want to read more, so you make “Read for 5 Minutes” a habit, … Read more

A small breath

From a 2014 journal entry: One thing that worked well today, at work especially, was taking a simple breath before every decision. Every one. Even deleting an email. “Pause. Breath. Think. What’s happening here? What’s important? Let’s let it happen slowly.” This is a habit that’s stuck with me. I don’t do it all the … Read more

Take a walk to save some time

I work on many independent projects outside of my 9-5. When I need to get a lot done on a weeknight, I make myself take a walk between logging off the VPN1 and settling back down to work again. I haven’t always done this. Not taking the time to reset has made for many stressful and … Read more

Keeping a Work Journal

I started a new job March 5 of this year. The new job also meant a new town and new apartment, filling a newly created position, and working on new projects with new people. On top of that, my start date was just two weeks before my first speaking gig at a major industry conference. … Read more

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