Musical Scrapbook: 2021

Sometimes when I share writing from old newsletters or other publications, I make the date in the WordPress CMS match the original publication date, so as to appropriately place it chronologically if someone goes on a deep-dive into my stuff. I could have done that for this…made the date January 1, 2021 or something. But … Read more

Musical Scrapbook: 2020

In 2018, I started collecting songs I heard out in the world to a playlist. Anything that resonated in the moment, new or nostalgic. Obviously, the world was quite different when I started this habit. Like most folks who weren’t essential workers or selfish assholes, I spent most of 2020 at home. No concerts, no … Read more

Musical Scrapbook: 2019

I started a thing last year where I add songs that are resonating for me — for whatever reason — to a playlist named for the year. Hence: My 2018 Playlist. I kept it up through 2019, with a bit more gusto, so I’ve got an even bigger list this year. With a bit of … Read more

Musical Scrapbook: 2018

Early in the year I started an iTunes playlist called 2018. I added songs to it as it occurred to me. I didn’t really have a plan, but it ended up creating a portrait of my year. Many tracks are new music that resonated with me. A few are old favorites that had particular relevance … Read more

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