It’s all made up, and that’s okay

Is content strategy … real?

Product strategy? UX strategy?

Customer experience?

What about content design?

Information architecture? Experience architecture?

The answer to any of these, depending on my mood, is either yes, no, or who cares. Mostly, and most importantly, it’s “Who cares?”.

Arguments about what “does and doesn’t exist” in design land to be terribly boring and are often argued in bad faith, such as to erect a gate or falsely argue for having invented something.

The thing is, user experience and content strategy and human-centered design and everything else are all just useful constructs that help people talk about their work and get the work done. If it’s useful, it exists, if it’s not, it still exists, but it will go away on its own, so don’t worry yourself about it. It’s all made up, and that’s okay.

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