Welcome to Meeting Club

Welcome to Meeting Club. 

First rule: We do not talk about meetings. We just have them.

Second rule: We do NOT talk about meetings.

Third rule: If someone says “stop”, “I have another meeting to get to”, or “the building is on fire and we’ll all die if we don’t leave right now”, the meeting will continue.

Fourth rule: Only two people to a meeting. Plus anyone that’s been involved in the project so far, or that might want to know about the project, or whose advice we might need in the last few minutes of the meeting, a project manager, and the other department’s project manager.

Fifth rule: Only one meeting at a time. Ideally, right in the middle of your otherwise open afternoon.

Sixth rule: No agendas, no decisions.

Seventh rule: Meetings will go on as long as they have to, and then an additional 45 minutes.

Eighth rule: If this is your first time at Meeting Club, just keep quiet and learn how we do things, okay? There’s a system here.

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