The value of content design is built-in and self-evident. (the brick analogy)

Let’s imagine something together: Your digital product company has decided to build a new headquarters. The design of the building calls for a brick exterior. (Great choice, by the way.) Do you imagine you will hire bricklayers to lay those brick? Why bother, right? Who needs ’em? Everyone knows how blocks work. Stack stack stack. … Read more

Oh, to be unreachable

I would have a healthier relationship with technology and social media — and be healthier in general — if it were easier to take the phone off the hook. Alas, I don’t think any product teams are rewarded for maximizing DIUWMBAUAASPITF (that’s ‘daily inactive users who might become active users again at some point in … Read more

One or two readers will do

Solid evergreen advice in this piece on providing feedback on longform content like blog articles. I especially echo this sentiment:

[M]ultiple teammates giving feedback can confuse the writer and may also contradict each other’s feedback. Put some trust in the writer you’re working with and understand that you need one or two, at best, sets of eyes on their work.

Source: How to provide feedback on content

I essentially wrote the reverse of this piece a few years back, also for Gather Content, but this one is much less sassy and probably easier to share with your boss 😉

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