I don’t believe by me drawing a line I can make things happen. I can’t force anybody to do anything or be anyone. But we can make invitations. – David Sim, speaking in the documentary The Human Scale

Plenty of Room Upfront!

Amateur bands ask you to demonstrate your excitement. “Hey come on! You guys can do better than that! Get up here! Let’s see some dancing” Pros? They share their excitement. Which eventually infects the audience, and is returned back to them.

UCD vs. Gestalt

I’m not so sure that users should always come first on design projects. Think about it like remodeling an old building. You could go up to all of the people who happen to be near the old building, or who have visited recently, and ask them why they came to the old building and what…

The Only Bad Idea in Brainstorming

Going through some old scans and found this card from when I was working on a talk about brainstorming. This still stands out to me as one of the more important aspects of a sucessful ideation meeting: Decide at the beginning what you’re going to do at the end. If you don’t constrain a brainstorming conversation…