Mapping Content Ecosystems

Overwhelmed by content chaos? A content ecosystem map might be just the thing. A content ecosystem map is a snapshot of what the heck is going on with content in your organization: where content is coming from, high-level processes, internal and external audiences, business objectives, technology—and how it all interacts.

Content ecosystem maps help you verify assumptions, imagine new possibilities, plan activities, document vocabulary, and coordinate understanding between stakeholder groups. Perhaps most importantly, the map-making process reveals where people have different ideas about reality, giving you a chance to work out these differences before they derail your projects.

Key Articles

While at Brain Traffic, I authored a four-part series on content ecosystem maps and helped a variety of clients create their own maps.

  1. An Introduction to Content Ecosystem Maps
  2. What to Include in a Content Ecosystem Map
  3. How to Use a Content Ecosystem Map
  4. How to Plan your Content Ecosystem Mapping Project
As presented at Confab Higher Ed 2017.