No. 10 | Seven questions I am asked with some frequency

1) Ready to order or do you need another minute?

We sat down two seconds ago and I am not even sure which of these six documents is the menu.

2) What’s the best way to contact you?


3) Would you care to tell us why you unsubscribed?

No I would not.

4) Can you drink scotch?

A poor illustration of an expensive bottle of Scotch.

Yes. Most experts (and my stomach) agree that distilled beverages like rum and scotch are gluten-free. However, I tend not to drink much scotch because it is expensive and tastes like rocks.

5) I’m trying to get to [place]. Is it this way?

*actually has no idea*
Yeah, I think so!

6) Are you watching Game of Thrones?

It’s not for me. I’m glad you are enjoying it and I am sorry I can’t share in your enjoyment.

7) How are you liking Minneapolis so far?

Just fine!

Originally published as List No. 10 of the 7x77 newsletter project.
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