Bat Phone agreement


A request: if your app is in the “Productivity” category, do not send me bullshit.

For instance:

Screenshot of a Dropbox notification inviting user to "Organize projects with Trello". Options are 'Close' and 'See how'

I like Dropbox. I like Trello. It’s great that they work together. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THAT NOW. I want a Bat Phone agreement with my apps: if the phone is ringing, the commissioner needs my help. You don’t call the Bat Phone to chat.

I turn off what I can but there are still some things a guy might reasonably want notifications from, you know? And that’s how they getcha. It feels like a mob threat. “Oh-ho! You’se wanna turn off notifications? From us? Big man. Be a real shame if something important didn’t get through. Real shame.”

Everybody wants to onboard me, engage me, educate me. I’m just trying to do some work here, buddy.