I feel that the word “Enjoy!” should not be used as a command. If you can follow something with “or else!” it doesn’t come across as that friendly.

I’m still enjoying The Allusionist podcast about language, and had a great time a few weeks back at the stylish Parkway Theatre in Minneapolis to see No Title, the touring live show from host Helen “Sauceman” Zaltzman and her “doctor” husband. Earbuds make podcast hosts seem like they live inside my head, so there’s something strange and special about the energy in a room of people all publicly enjoying the same normally-private nerdy thing.

The Allusionist is a very accessible show, in that you don’t have to listen from the beginning to enjoy (I haven’t). But if you’re looking for a jumping off point, this recent episode on food is very relatable. I’ll never not notice a server (waitron?) saying “Enjoy!” again.