Links of late | 2018-06-01

  • New version of Ulysses is out. Lucky 13. Nothing I’ll make immediate use of but I see the appeal of the colored keywords, especially for a larger project like a book.
  • A recent episode of 99% Invisible about Curb Cuts jumped right into their top ten for me. Design, usability, political activism, shitting on Jerry Lewis. All the good stuff. (Excellent article at that link, too, if you’re not much of a podcast listener.)
  • NE Minneapolis flags for sale. I didn’t buy one because I don’t know where I’d display it, but I did buy something related. More later.
  • I’ve been admiring Apple’s approach to editorial curation in the App Store for a while now, but I hadn’t fully noticed how much custom illustration work they’re using until I came across this article.
  • Walking or biking to wherever probably takes less time than you think. “About 90 percent of their estimates were too long by at least 10 minutes.”
  • Put some more diverse faces into your next set of wireframes or design personas.
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