My 2019 obsession is film photography. I’ve got a lot to learn yet, but I am really enjoying it. It really checks a lot of boxes for me: lovely little mechanical things that make pleasant sounds, small consumables you can collect and stack up like ammo, technical skills to master, and plenty of YouTube rabbit holes to fall down.

My coworker Sean tipped me off to a film … hashtag event? I’m not sure what to call it … happening on Instagram called #RollFilmWeek. It’s for shots done on roll film (i.e. the stuff in canisters, as opposed to instant photos). Participants are encouraged to post one or two of their best shots each day that haven’t been on Instagram before, and then the team curates some to feature and repost. A simple little thing, but it’s quite fun, and I was very tickled that one of my shots got featured on Wednesday. I haven’t invested much in Instagram since restarting it back in June, so this has been a nice motivation to give it some attention.

I have two photography goals right now: one is to take Mom’s old Nikon FunTouch 4 on more adventures; it does not do well in low light at all, but does take really charming shots in daylight (the sign photo featured in this post was done on that one). My other goal is to feel confident shooting concerts on film, so I’m doing lots of night-time photo walks in my neighborhood to get used to shooting in a mix of pure darkness and bright lights, which seems a reasonable facsimile.

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