I wrote a poem for The Human in the Machine. It’s an ode to my favorite creativity tool: the scratchpad.

Update: I’ve reproduced it below, for posterity:

Scratchpad, dot TXT. Email drafts and text from speech.

Copy paper. Index cards. Old receipts from older bars.

A board of white, and ink that erases. Video calls with faraway faces.

An Etch-a-Sketch. A memo pad. A good long stick and fresh white sand.

The back of the sheet that her letter came in. The back of your hand will do in a pinch!

Notes that don't stick quite as well as we'd like. (Maybe we're just not peeling them right?)

A passing thought, told to your phone. Whispered while walking, at night, all alone.

Pens from hotels; pencils, Ikea. 

Anything handy to catch an idea.