Tiny habits with Streaks

I tried Streaks (what an awful name) a while back but it didn’t stick, I think because I picked overly-ambitious things to track. The gang was talking about it recently on Do By Friday and I gave it another spin. It’s clicking this time.

This is my current mix:

I’ve been try to pick habits that are accessible throughout the day without having to plan for them. I can just pop Streaks open, pick something, and do it with either just my body, or with my phone or iPad. Playing piano is the trickiest one but there’s a mobile flashcard thing in the Simply Piano app I’ll use in a pinch.

For me the primary advantage is less about building any particular habit as it is about grounding my days in something positive and regular. It’s too easy to just go home from work and start working again all night, or to veg out to Netflix until I fall asleep. A day where I accomplish all or most of these things (and my health stuff on the other screen like taking my vitamins and getting my steps) is a pretty good day, regardless of what else happens.

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