UX Content Office Hours

Public UX Content Office Hours are on hiatus as I ramp up programming for our Content Career Accelerator community. They might return someday though!

A friendly chat with peers in the world of UX writing, content design, and content strategy.

Are you trying to break in to content design or content strategy roles? Or just thinking about it and not sure where to start? Do you have questions about your career options, the role of portfolios, or the job market beyond what I cover in my FAQs? Do you wish you could meet and network with other folks in the same place in their career? Or maybe you just landed your first role in this field and want to hit the ground running?

This might be for you!

I host a free, weekly, small-group session where you can ask questions, meet new people, vent and commiserate, and maybe even get some feedback on your resume or portfolio.

Who’s registering for UX Content Office Hours?

People with stories like these:

  • I’m a newbie UX writer transitioning from web content writer trying to understand the UX basics
  • I’m a content marketing manager looking to grow into a content strategist or content designer role
  • I am a UX designer and I want to learn more about UX content as it plays a big role in my projects
  • I’m a content writer in a marketing agency; would love to learn more about UX writing!
  • I’m a Senior Technical Writer wanting to move into a UX writing focused role
  • I’m an aspiring UX writer / content designer. Finished a role in client success and hoping to make the leap

What do people want out of these sessions?

A few reasons people have signed up for UX Content Office Hours:

  • Hear Scott’s perspective and also questions from others who are new to the field
  • Get tips on how to do the best job I can in a new content-focused role
  • Understand a little bit more about how to transition into the field with more confidence and ease, and learn from other’s challenges
  • Network with individuals who are new to the content space
  • Connect and meet people interested in this work! Looking for career transition advice
  • Get advice on how to get started and foundations of content design

About Your Host

UX Content Office Hours are hosted by me, Scott Kubie. I’m the author of Writing for Designers, I publish the weekly UX Writing Events newsletter, and have been working in the digital strategy space for over 12 years. I’ve led nearly 100 public talks and workshops at design and UX conferences around the world, and teach the occasional class for the School of Visual Concepts.

I’ve seen just about every side of this space. I’ve worked in-house as a UX writer and content strategist on multiple UX product teams, have led consulting engagements with Fortune 50 companies on the agency side at the world’s premier content strategy agency, and have filled time between gigs with contract and freelance roles, too.

I don’t have all the answers, but at this point, I’ve heard nearly all of the questions. I’ve helped dozens (maybe hundreds?) of folks get oriented to the content side of digital strategy, including UX writing, content design, content strategy, and information architecture.

About the Session

You’ll be joining a one-hour video call with Scott (or a guest host) and up to six other participants. Video is strongly encouraged but not required. Please wear headphones or earbuds for the best audio quality (wearing headphones reduces echoes and makes it easier for everyone else to hear you).

You’ll get a reminder 24 hours before the call with some additional tips and recommended reading, and a follow-up email with my top reads and resources to continue your journey.


It’s free to register for UX Content Office Hours. There’s at least one session available most weeks, and you can register up to three weeks in advance. If you don’t see available spots available at the link, wait a few days and check back; there may be cancelations, or the next session may have become available.

On hiatus. Check Content Career Accelerator for other networking and learning opportunities.

Participation in UX Content Office Hours is governed by this code of conduct.

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