UX Content Office Hours

You, me, 45 minutes, and some seriously deep conversation.

On hiatus until 2021. Check back in January!

Transitioning into UX writing or content strategy? Have questions about your career options, portfolio, or the job market beyond what I cover in my FAQs?

Or maybe it feels like your company has a content storm brewing, and you’re not sure what to do about it?

Trying to figure out where to even start with digital strategy?

Or just need to ask me something related to content, digital products, or anything else I write about on this site?

Great! We should talk. I’m happy to make available a limited number of free office hours to help folks like you with questions like these. This is separate from my coaching and consulting services, and is 100% free – with a money back guarantee πŸ˜‰ Oh, also, the hours are 45 minutes. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

I’ve offered office hours this way since April 2020, having hosted over 35 sessions that draw on 12 years of professional digital strategy experience, plus a lifelong interest in technology and the web (don’t let my impressive hairline fool you; I know the sound of a 9600 baud modem and was publishing hobbyist websites before the word blog had ever been uttered).

You’ll get the most value out of our time together with one or two specific questions in mind, or by sharing a discrete thing (like a portfolio, landing page, task flow, concept model, etc.) that you want feedback on. These sessions work best 1-on-1.

Need some inspiration? Here are things I’ve chatted about with other folks:

  • defining content success in the public sector
  • implementing content strategy standards and processes in a large-scale agency
  • finding stability when priorities change by the day
  • fitting content strategy into a web project when design templates have already been approved
  • working with subject matter experts to get the best information for what we need
  • being the first UX writer at a company and hitting the ground running
  • communicating your agency’s niche and expertise more clearly
  • being the only writer juggling the needs of multiple product teams
  • aligning website positioning behind clear mission and value statements
  • writing for conversion inside of a lengthy acquisition funnel (and balancing sales vs. usability)
  • managing team handoffs between UX writers (e.g. during a leave of absence)
  • adapting marketing and editorial experience to a UX writing role
  • building content strategy from scratch inside a fast-moving organization
  • demonstrating progress with major content initiatives to internal audiences
  • breaking a huge list of content strategy needs into manageable chunks of work
  • demonstrating the impact and value of writing (and getting more resources!)
  • must-haves before creating a content strategy framework
  • better ways for design and product teams to collaborate with UX writers
  • understanding where UX writing and content design is headed and adapting for it
  • presenting UX writing to leadership training UX writing teams
  • content strategy and UX writing in international contexts
  • career paths, portfolios, and navigating the complexities of content job titles

P.S. If this sounds like the kind of support you’d like more regularly, I’d be happy to guide you through selling leadership on UX content coaching or training support for you and your team. Just drop me a note!