No. 70 | Seven good books to give as gifts

I want my life to involve more giving and getting of books. Not for special occasions, not loaners, just “here’s a book, enjoy”. So I’m going to try to do that more. (I find it useful to have a list, and then scan used bookstores for good clean hardcover copies…hardcovers are always better as gifts).

Here are seven books I’ve given, or plan to give, as gifts.

1) Shop Class as Soulcraft

Slightly less cliche than Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance but still mostly about philosophy and fixing motorcycles. I used to think this was not an especially common book but then I saw it in a museum gift shop in D.C. so I guess I am a basic book-gifting bitch. SUE ME.

2) The Stranger in the Woods

Fascinating read about an actual danged modern hermit. The hardcover is gorgeous, too; a bonus with gift books. (Oh, and if anyone wants a gift for me talk Magers and Quinns into selling their giant poster of the book cover they have toward at back of the store.)

3) Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why

I love reading about survivalism and bushcraft but a lot of it is prepper/doomsday nonsense. This is not that; very grounded in reality. Harrowing stories about grit and survival, and how sometimes the people you’d think would make it don’t, and vice-versa. And who knows? Some little nugget of info in it might just help the recipient some day.

4) The War of Art

The tone of this book does not make me think I’d enjoy being seated next to Stephen Pressfield at a dinner party. That aside, it’s an inspiring and useful read for anyone who makes things and sometimes struggles in the making of those things. The way he frames the idea of “resistance” as the enemy of creative work is beyond compelling and something I think about multiple times a week. It just feels so clearly, obviously true. (Pro-tip: feel free to stop reading when you get to the part about angels toward the end. Really.)

5) The Content Strategy Toolkit

My former coworker Meghan wrote this and it’s very useful. I give it often by way of help/apology: “I’d love to help you with all of that but you’re going to have to figure some of it out for yourself! Here is a great place to start!”

6) King Baby

Kate Beaton is an amazing illustrator and King Baby is an adorable little book that is my go-to in new parenting situations.

7) Draft No. 4: On the Writing Process

Closest equivalent to Stephen King’s excellent On Writing I’ve found so far that deals with narrative non-fiction. Bonus: I found some of the tips on interviewing and note-taking useful on a recent work project.

Originally published as List No. 70 of the 7x77 newsletter project.
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