Falling asleep to comic books


I’m not good at going to bed.

It got really bad a couple of months back. I’d sit on my couch scrolling social media on my phone or watching dumb stuff on Hulu right on through 11pm, midnight, 1am. It’s not like I have to get my nonexistent kids off to school at dawn or anything but 1am is not a good bedtime for a professional man in his mid-30s.

My new hack to at least get into bed at a decent hour is comic books. Specifically, the Comixology app on my iPad. Comics are engaging enough to satisfy that unhealthy part of me that feels like I haven’t consumed enough entertainment for the day, but chill enough that I still get sleepy while reading them.

The rule I made is that bedtime is the only time I can read comics. So if the sun is down and I start itching to read comics, I have to go to bed! It really helps that it’s something I look forward to.

The only tricky part is not falling asleep with my iPad on top of me.

(I’ve been on a Star Wars comics kick since starting this and am currently working through Vol. 3 of Vader. It’s a good series.)