Markdown in Ulysses share sheet

Was delighted to find that Markdown formatting even works when sending things to Ulysses from other applications. Perhaps this is common for iPad apps but it was the first time I’ve noticed it. Many of my posts start from the camera roll. It’s great to be able to do some quick formatting and position the … Read more

A very useful iPad button

In case you‘re as unobservant as me, I thought I’d point out this useful button on the iPad keyboard. I didn’t notice it for at least a month: A quick tap in the bottom-right minimizes the on-screen keyboard. This is essential in making stuff work in your web browser. Form fields and the like are … Read more

Falling asleep to comic books

I’m not good at going to bed. It got really bad a couple of months back. I’d sit on my couch scrolling social media on my phone or watching dumb stuff on Hulu right on through 11pm, midnight, 1am. It’s not like I have to get my nonexistent kids off to school at dawn or … Read more

Make iCloud backup free

Chris Welch, writing for The Verge on iCloud storage limits: 5GB makes things way more difficult for those people than they should be. Fundamental tasks like backing up your device become cumbersome chores. If you never upgrade, you’re likely going to have a worse time using an iPhone. Full stop. It surprises me that Apple … Read more

Keyboard shortcuts for Linea sketch

Been trying to get better with Linea sketch. I much prefer the brushes available in Paper, but have found that app to be very glitchy and there’s not much in the way of workflow management. I used Paper to illustrate my deck for What Even is a Website and there was a lot of hoping … Read more

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