If the job is more than writing, why does your interview process focus on writing?

Content design is more than writing. Please send us your writing samples.

Content design is more than writing. Please take this UX writing test.

Content design is more than writing. Take ten minutes to review this and then provide feedback on the writing.

Come on now. Do I even have to explain myself here?

Bringing on your design or product org’s first UX content professional is an incredible opportunity to embrace new ideas, tools, and methodologies.

Unfortunately, too many organizations waste this opportunity by leaning into narrow, copywriting-focused whiteboarding or “take-home” writing challenges. This sets the wrong precedent for how content roles should be understood in your organization.

If you are going to do a whiteboard challenge when hiring content designers, please get help from a content professional in designing your interview process. I have no doubt that any good designer can tell good writing from bad, but if your challenge doesn’t resemble how a content designer would actually do the work, you might not be learning what you think you’re learning.

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