How to Not Lose Your Voice

If you have to give a presentation, lead a meeting, or just do a lot of talking as part of your job, losing your voice is not option. The best thing you can do for your voice is to speak only as loud as necessary, with plenty of breath support, at a comfortable pitch. Most … Read more

Smaller Paper

A big blank canvas? Scary. A new Powerpoint deck with no slides? Scary. Designer notebooks packed with crisp, white, empty pages? I’ve abandoned dozens. My big ideas are built out of small ideas. I try to capture my small ideas in small, simple ways. Index cards. Plain text files. A few words added to a … Read more

Take a walk to save some time

I work on many independent projects outside of my 9-5. When I need to get a lot done on a weeknight, I make myself take a walk between logging off the VPN1 and settling back down to work again. I haven’t always done this. Not taking the time to reset has made for many stressful and … Read more

Keeping a Work Journal

I started a new job March 5 of this year. The new job also meant a new town and new apartment, filling a newly created position, and working on new projects with new people. On top of that, my start date was just two weeks before my first speaking gig at a major industry conference. … Read more

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