“Sick days”

This essay originally appeared as Issue 102 of the UX Writing Events newsletter on September 26, 2022. I’ve written and deleted at least three drafts of this issue. Draft being a generous way to describe them. Ranty rabbitholes, meandering messes. I started writing about how feedback on your writing from stakeholders shouldn’t be taken as literal instructions, … Read more

Seven lessons from publishing 100 issues of a weekly UX newsletter

This excerpt originally appeared as part of Issue 100 of the UX Writing Events newsletter on September 12, 2022. Would you lookie there?! Issue 100! Gotta say, it felt a little ambitious to go with a 3-digit number when I started indexing these issues, but we made it! Just 899 to go until the curse … Read more

Choose C

This essay originally appeared in Issue 078 of the UX Writing Events newsletter on February 28, 2022. I hope that you are safe, and that you feel safe, and if not, that you will again very soon. If there is anything I can personally do to help you, please let me know in reply to … Read more

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