How many content reviewers are enough?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a perfectly simple, data-driven answer to that question? “Based on an analysis of 1,000 writing assignments, we’ve found that four reviewers are enough to catch 99.99% of style and usage errors.” Hooray, the answer is four! Have four people review your content and everything will be perfect! Except, no. … Read more

Islands and icebergs

Spent all week working on something and I just trashed it. Wasn’t coming together. Hate to do it because you never know if you were almost there. Sometimes you’re hating it and hating it, and you keep sailing on, and then blam-oh! There she is! I see land, boys! But maybe you stopped just before … Read more

Painting a very long hallway

I’ve been asked a few times what writing a book was like. Sometimes people mean: “What’s it like to be someone who wrote a book?” It’s nice! Glad to have done it, glad to know I can do it, lots of new opportunities, nice to have something unambiguously mine, and so on. It’s interesting to … Read more

Being the thing

Recently finished reading Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. I probably should have read it before I wrote a book about writing? But I’m happy to report it didn’t leave me second-guessing my guidance in Writing for Designers. Just envious of King’s prose and storytelling skills. Like many books on creative practices, … Read more

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