Do I need to learn Figma to do UX writing or content design?

A: Not necessarily, but it’s not going to hurt. Knowing the basics will be expected for some roles, especially more tactical, writing-focused, junior- and mid-level roles. Work Where the Work Is The important thing is to be comfortable working alongside your peers in UX design and research. If you don’t feel like you can “hang” … Read more

Learn thinky things

Folks seem to like my latest bit of advice for aspiring designers: Learn Thinky Things. I coined this advice (with an unconscious assist from Marc Maron, I suspect) as part of an off-the-cuff remark during UX Content Office Hours. Someone asked whether content designers need to learn Figma, a popular tool for front-end design. I shared my response as a … Read more

A smaller toolkit

The more you know, the less you carry. Mors Kochanski, wilderness survival expert. Writing and sketching. Card-sorting. Diagrams. Interviews. Spreadsheets. Workshops (structured ideation and synthesis). That’s my toolkit, more or less, for most design problems. The further I get into my career the more affinity I have for simple and sturdy intellectual tools that can … Read more

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