Hire Product People Who Already Understand Content

This article originally appeared in Issue 050 of UX Writing Events. For some reason (tequila, mostly) I vented a bit of frustration yesterday afternoon with the way content work is often viewed in product land. This tweet seemed to resonate the most with folks: Imagine how much productivity you could unlock by hiring product leadership who already understand … Read more

Two attributes that shape every content role

A version of this originally appeared in Issue 043 of my UX Writing Events newsletter. For a joint meetup of Content Marketing Atlanta and IxDA Atlanta earlier this year, the top question for me from both groups was some version of: “What is up with all of these different content roles?” To illustrate my take … Read more

How do I approach a content strategy job interview with confidence?

Semantic soup, jargon mismatches, imposter syndrome, and more can all conspire to suck your confidence heading into an interview for a new content strategy, UX writing, or content design job. I’ve got some tips to help you get through it. Video Links Content and UX Slack Community UX Writing Events Put the Work Before the … Read more

Content strategy is not just one thing

This essay originally appeared in Issue 025 of my UX Writing Events newsletter. You may have read that Facebook’s content strategy team is now their content design team. In the relatively small world of UX content people like you and me, it’s generated a lot of discussion. I’ve been bothered by how narrow and 1-dimensional the conversation has … Read more

Design jobs and design roles are not the same thing

Many product teams struggle to collaborate well on projects — making websites, building apps, creating content, authoring documentation, etc. — because they have not distinguished jobs from roles. Too often, teams allow roles to be merely inferred by job title, rather than slowing down to have a conversation about who’s doing what and why. This … Read more

One or two readers will do

Solid evergreen advice in this piece on providing feedback on longform content like blog articles. I especially echo this sentiment:

[M]ultiple teammates giving feedback can confuse the writer and may also contradict each other’s feedback. Put some trust in the writer you’re working with and understand that you need one or two, at best, sets of eyes on their work.

Source: How to provide feedback on content

I essentially wrote the reverse of this piece a few years back, also for Gather Content, but this one is much less sassy and probably easier to share with your boss 😉

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