Writing Rules Are Made to Be Chosen

Wanting to know “the rules” is a very natural impulse when it comes to writing. Learning and following the rules – of spelling, of grammar and usage, of how term papers are supposed to be formatted – was part and parcel of how most of us learned to write. This perspective can be detrimental when … Read more

If the job is more than writing, why does your interview process focus on writing?

Content design is more than writing. Please send us your writing samples. Content design is more than writing. Please take this UX writing test. Content design is more than writing. Take ten minutes to review this and then provide feedback on the writing. Come on now. Do I even have to explain myself here? Bringing … Read more

Two attributes that shape every content role

A version of this originally appeared in Issue 043 of my UX Writing Events newsletter. For a joint meetup of Content Marketing Atlanta and IxDA Atlanta earlier this year, the top question for me from both groups was some version of: “What is up with all of these different content roles?” To illustrate my take … Read more

It’s just words on websites

Unless you are working on content that is getting carved into a monument or put on a plaque being sent into space for future civilizations to find, you have my permission to relax.

You don’t have to be a native speaker to excel as a UX writer

This originally appeared in Issue 037 of UX Writing Events. Do you think non-native speakers of a language can be good UX writers in that language? I sure do. I get asked some version of that question fairly often. Someone asked again just this weekend! So I thought I’d expand what I shared with that person and … Read more

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